We believe that Cannabis is a powerful tool for human development. We want to everyone to be able to benefit from the grounding, healing, and uplifting qualities of this sacred plant


We want to create a future where people can access the renewing and upifting qualities of plants for a conscious path of, self-development, creativity, and ultimate bliss.
Inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors, we want to promote a thoughtful and ritualistic approach to Cannabis consumption to enhance the grounding, healing and uplifting qualities of this sacred plant.

And in the process, we want to help to build more connected, sustainable, and ethical communities of empowered producers and consumers.

We are here to create a future where the Cannabis plant is accepted as nature’s tool to help us navigate our emotions, build community, and honor ancient wisdom.


We started with a simple idea: create a Cannabis company that would protect the plant, respect the consumer, and promote a conscious and ritualistic culture around Cannabis consumption while honoring the Black and Brown Cannabis culture and heritage.
Rooted in the California tradition of growing natural, organic, and good weed, we are committed to delivering the best flower to our consumers.

Learning from our ancestors’ wisdom and implementing modern and environmentally conscious techniques, VAYA was founded on the belief that human connection to nature through Cannabis is the key to personal development and growth.

Created by black and brown entrepreneurs, VAYA has diversity as its core, and it is our guiding principle in how we conduct ourselves, the communities we want to create, and the fight for social justice in an industry that for too long has neglected the contribution of Black and Brown communities.

We are growing all-natural and organic Cannabis infused with the magic and different healing properties of the plant. Choose your favorite strain and find your bliss.
Honoring and Respecting the plant, the growers and the consumers
Conscious and thoughtful consumption to promote grounding, renewing, lifting, creativity and recovery
Radical honesty. We’ll always speak our truth. We won’t hide, lie, misrepresent.
Quality and Transparency in every aspect. Our cannabis is organically grown, with only high-quality technique and no chemicals
Sustainability. Every aspect of our product is environmentally conscious, designed to reduce and reuse any packaging
Fairness and inclusivity. The people we hire and do business with will represent and honor the cultures that came before us, who are being excluded from this industry
Integrity and respect for our partners, and we expect the same.
Right the wrong. We will support movements that fight for expunging records, promoting access to capitals and inclusivity
Find Your Bliss