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Music, Heritage and Creativity

In conversation with VAYA's founder Salvador Santana

The story dives into the soulful intersection of music, heritage, cannabis, and boundless creativity. This evocative short documentary peels back the layers of Salvador Santana’s world, guiding viewers through a single day that encapsulates his profound connection to his musical lineage, the creative liberation found in cannabis, and the rich tapestry of sounds that define his life’s work.

From the early morning melodies that spark his inspiration to the late-night beats that echo his cultural legacy, Salvador invites us into his sanctuary, where every chord and leaf tells a story of innovation, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of artistic freedom.

Witness how Salvador harnesses his heritage as the bedrock of his creativity, using cannabis as a key to unlock the doors of perception and innovation in music.

This is not just a glimpse into Salvador’s day-to-day; it’s a journey through the heart of artistic expression, celebrating the powerful synergy of music and nature in fueling the creative spirit.