Our vision is rooted in the belief that plants, with cannabis at the forefront, hold transformative power for human wellness and development.

We are dedicated to unlocking the grounding, healing, and uplifting potentials of these sacred elements, ensuring that everyone can access the comprehensive benefits they offer.

Through our focus on cannabis, we aim to pioneer a holistic approach to plant-based wellness, embracing the broader spectrum of natural remedies that foster physical, mental, and emotional balance.


Our journey began with a clear purpose: to establish a cannabis company dedicated to protecting the plant, respecting the consumer, and fostering a mindful, ritualistic culture around its consumption, all while paying homage to the rich cannabis culture and heritage of Black and Brown communities. Our roots are deeply embedded in the California tradition of cultivating natural, organic, high-quality cannabis, committing ourselves to provide only the finest flowers to our consumers.

Drawing on the wisdom of our ancestors and integrating modern, eco-friendly practices, VAYA was born from the conviction that our connection to nature via cannabis is fundamental to personal growth and development. As a venture founded by Black and Brown entrepreneurs, diversity isn’t just a facet of our identity—it’s the cornerstone of our ethos. It informs our operations, shapes the communities we aspire to build, and fuels our commitment to social justice in an industry that has historically overlooked the contributions of Black and Brown individuals.

We are committed to operate under clear principles:

Honoring and Respecting the plant, the growers and the consumers

Conscious and thoughtful consumption to promote grounding, renewing, lifting, creativity and recovery

Radical honesty. We’ll always speak our truth. We won’t hide, lie, misrepresent.

Quality and Transparency in every aspect. Our cannabis is organically grown, with only high-quality technique and no chemicals

Sustainability. Every aspect of our product is environmentally conscious, designed to reduce and reuse any packaging

Fairness and inclusivity. The people we hire and do business with will represent and honor the cultures that came before us, who are being excluded from this industry

Integrity and respect for our partners, and we expect the same.

Right the wrong. We will support movements that fight for expunging records, promoting access to capitals and inclusivity

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Medicine.